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Anita Das believes that colors and designs should blend harmoniously with the personality and the occasion. Her brand, The Ethnic Tree, does just that – create congruous designs with appealing colors and the finest of textures to bring about apparels that blend like poetry into your personality and the surroundings. You are what you wear and wearing an ‘Ethnic Tree’ collection enriches your appearance and personality.

Growing up, Anita had a strong interest in fashion and natural fabrics especially hand-looms and always wanted to own a clothing store as she truly enjoyed creating her own fashion. After graduating in Textile Design, she had the opportunity to work with two influential design houses and the invaluable experience gained inspired her to launch 'The Ethnic Tree'

When designing, she is inspired by shape, print, art and color. Every design focuses on flattering a woman’s body and accentuating her beauty. Her technical knowledge of a garment’s proper fit and design, combined with her innate creative and artistic abilities results in each piece being an individual work of art, a representative of passion, dedication and creativity. Each wear is a colorful and ethnic blend of prints and weaves and from special occasions to daily wear, there is something to cater to the indulgence of all.


Varien office pic

To all of you, from all of us at Ethnic Tree - Thank you!

Anita Das